Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lego Police party

Very late in posting this, its a few photos from J's birthday. He wanted a police and pizza party. He had 6 friends over for tea on his birthday after school. We played games and did a few crafts. All of the ideas are from google. Sorry I didn't save links, will do next time.

Policeman cut out, made from wallpaper and a rather large box. J and his guests loved this, it was very simple to make

invites printed at local photoshop for 5p each!

Chocolate cake, made in a pyrex dish. The cake pops out it it make a lovely large cake.

This is for the game pin the handcuffs on the policeman... :)

Home made banner, very easy made from wrapping paper.

Boys doing a craft crown/hat. I was very surprised they loved this and it was a great quiet time activity. Its made from strips of wallpaper. I made some cardboard stencils of policemen and lego. Also cut some bits out for them to glue on.

Grab a donut, twist lengths of cling film to make a narrow rope and thread donuts handcuffs child and away they go.

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stevenjared0853 said...

You just arranged a blasting birthday party! This theme you chose was perfect for a birthday party. My son’s birthday party was in winter. So we had arranged unseasonably higher temp party at one of best NYC venues and had a lot of fun!