Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lemon cake, cheese and marmite twists and soup!

Soon its birthday time for littlest one, also known as fatty... the boy eat everything. We should have called him Oliver all we hear is bellows of 'MORE!'

We are having a picnic at a local farm/soft play. I made a some cheese and marmite twist thingys as well as a lemon cake for a testing purposes. I was thinking of the twists, quiche, rolls, chicken drum sticks and lemon cake. Plus Turkish watermelon and a salad. I've been saving  my 4 pint milk cartons and will fill them half way with strong rocks squash and freeze and then add more squash as we leave-perfect ice cold drinks. Have to take the buggy might as well load it up! Its a beast of a buggy and I love it.

While this was cooking I made soup for today, just all my soon to turn veggys plus some potatoes and added some red lentils. Simple easy and great easy supper with bread. Reserved three portions for the freezer for S for lunches.

The twists were devine, and were so easy. Lemon cake was enjoyed by boys with a smidge of vanilla ice cream. Straight from the oven, yummy! I've put a wedge in the freezer too to see how it tastes after defrosting.

Cheese and Marmite twists

Made puff pastry (packet mix sorry!) and spread with marmite.

fold in half and cut and tidy sides.

my strips were a little thick, thinner is better.

Lemon cake with a piece already hacked off...

veggy lentil soup and three for the freezer!

Food of the gods- fact

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