Sunday, 10 June 2012

School Lunch boxes...

This causes the most stress in our house, with J wailing that he never has packets. Packets being crisps, sausage rolls, fruit winders, or those yogurt covered fruit things. Poor boy... I don't like putting rubbish in his lunch box, I want him to eat real food and recognise real food! Plus I want him to realise with a little effort he can eat nice food that is not from a packet! I live him hope this will set him up for making good choices when he is older...

He only really likes sandwiches and because of his ASD can be fussy with combinations and likes having the same things over and over.

Options are:
Cheese and marmite (see the theme?)
egg mayo
tuna mayo
grated cheese wrap

Fruit and veg
Depending on season as the UK as a whole is an apple/bananna/orange only country.
Strawberries and blueberries (his absolute fave)
Apple and pear
Cucumber +/- cheese
Carrots, cucumber and cheese

Treat (his words not mine!)
fruit/veg is always chopped and ready to eat I wrap in damp kitchen towel
piece of homemade cake or biscuit
hot cross bun
dried fruit
cereal bar


granola (so easy to make)
boiled egg

Sometimes I add pure OJ or apple juice. Water is on the table and he likes pouring his own- so he tells me.

They aren't perfect and some days they have a lot of sugar but he has eggs, porridge or weetabix for breakfast so pretty low sugar compared to Kellogg's. Over the week he has very little in the way of sweets and crisps so it all balances out I hope?

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