Friday, 6 January 2012

Conversations with my nutty 4yr old

I have a little book with my rather untidy scribbles in. Mostly of random conversations I have had with my big boy. I just don't ever what to forget them. Here is a selection of them, hope they get a small smile :)

J: I not have a pet
Mummy: no you don't- poor you...
J:yeah, I like it pet...
M:When you are fifteen you can have one
J:counts on fingers, oh not long
M: no not long (phew only 11 years to wait)
J: pauses, its ok! I got a brother. S is my pet he eats stuff  and lick the floor!
M: lovely what else does a boy need?
J: more pets?

He feed his baby brother stuff he doesn't like, from his plate. Small boy is a dustbin. I do try to stop this! and yes he is fond of licking the floor. I guess if you spend a large part of the day prone face down, it one of the few things to do.

J: London is in England
M: yup
J:Istanabull (Istanbul) is where Baba lived
J: Turkey? Baba is Turkey
M:no, Baba is Turkish.
J:yes! good girl Mummy!
J: Paris? where is it?
M:its the capital of France
J: Whaaat??? paris lives in the radio?

Need to do more work on his geography, he got a globe for his birthday and he is amazed everytime he looks at it.

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